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about us

We know women.

A woman-owned media, marketing and brand management company, we connect women to compelling people and stories through meaningful experiences.

Our clients reach and engage their target market with custom designed digital marketing platforms that consider TV, web, mobile, tablet, and social. From branding to websites, mobile applications, eMarketing to producing video, we strategically and authentically foster a deeper relationship between women and brand.

Our platforms are developed to be inspirational, fun and profitable – we create them with a goal of making life a bit brighter and more meaningful.

our approach

We listen to our clients.

They recognize that women are the key to their success and they respect women’s varied roles, needs and power – both economic and social. Our clients are looking for innovative ideas that attract, nurture and build female advocates. They need to spend their money wisely and effectively. They are looking for partners that care, partners who are flexible, capable of evolving and committed to their success.

Womin Media offers a woman-centric approach that is custom designed to establish an authentic dialogue between women and brand. By engaging with her when and how she chooses, she feels her value is recognized - this is critical to building trust. When a woman trusts, she is a loyal brand ambassador...the tipping point to a brand's success.

our team

Michelle, founder & owner

Michelle May

Prior to launching Womin Media in August 2012, Michelle served as the Director of Digital Media for Interface Media Group, where she successfully created and launched two award-winning lines of business—Digital Media and Strategic Consultation. Her clientele included PBS, United Way, World Wildlife Fund, Blackboard and Primary Wave Music. Her consultative efforts paid off in securing $1.2M in sponsorship in only a four week time period for the Washington National Cathedral’s weekend of events on the tenth anniversary of 9/11.

Previously, Michelle spent two years driving digital media strategy at Discovery Communications for TLC. During her tenure, Michelle created and executed a new business strategy centered around lifestyle content for women that brought in record revenue for the website, was adopted as an overarching on-line strategy for the Discovery networks and is still in place today. Prior to managing TLC.com, Michelle produced cross-platform content for high-profile shows like Miss America, What Not To Wear and Say Yes to the Dress. She also produced original lifestyle programming that extended the TLC brand onto the web, mobile and video-on-demand platforms. Before TLC, Michelle worked for the Discovery Home and Design Center website, Tribeca Productions, Trilogy Entertainment and NBC.

Michelle earned her Bachelor of Arts from the Pennsylvania State University. She currently sits on the Board of Directors of the DC Chapter of Femfessionals, with the mission of innovatively connecting ambitious women. She is also an active member and supporter of Women In Film and Video, having served on their Executive Board.

Last, but definitely not least, she is a very happy and proud mom.

what’s important to us

This company is the product of an incredibly talented, dedicated and values-driven group of people. We share a personal mission to drive and affect positive change—in the way we live our lives and conduct our business—by choosing to create a corporate consciousness and environment that acknowledges that life is too short not to expect accountability, respect and passion to be inherent in who we are and what we do.

We strive to make Womin Media a game changer, proving what’s possible—personal and corporate success in unison and interactive, innovative, inspired programming for savvy women will make for a happier audience, building the bottom line for media companies and advertisers. These ideologies seem inherently natural yet it feels like we are beginning a movement, so we choose to lead by example for a better way forward. We believe everyone can benefit from the relationships we strive to forge with our Womin Media team members and partners. We believe win-wins are possible for the media providers, producers, marketers, advertisers and consumers.

The following values serve as our blueprint for success:

  • Authenticity

    Open and honest communication is essential to our success.

  • Commitment

    Womin Media is driven to advance the success and delight of one another, our partners, our brands and our audiences. We practice active listening with each other and our partners at all times. We will stop at nothing to deliver our very best, every day.

  • Innovation

    We embrace out-of-the-box thinking. We believe a fanatical obsession with continuous improvement will keep our clients and us on the cutting edge.

  • Community

    We are actively involved as responsible citizens within our ecosystem. Through conscientious, supportive engagement we can learn from one another. Together we can strengthen both our immediate and virtual communities.

  • Growth

    We believe that individual and corporate growth does not have to be mutually exclusive. As team members, we commit ourselves to each other’s personal growth and well-being. We actively pursue our passions and making the world a better place. We set aggressive business goals and pursue them with vigor. Both our revenue and our expenses are continuously monitored against targets and immediate remedial action is taken to keep us on course.

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